Management Company profile

Trade nameMAJESTY Co., Ltd. MAJESTY Co., Ltd.
CEOHiromi Hasegawa
Head office location1-4th floor, CRYSTALSQUAREGINZA, 8-15-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
telephone number03-6260-6360
FAX number03-6260-6560
FoundingMarch 1996
EstablishmentMay 2001
Main banksMizuho Bank/Daishi Bank
Research instituteRitsumeikan University BKC Incubator 203 ・R&D Center 207
ResearcherKiyoaki Kawahara, Shinpei Hasegawa

D+TRAD brand concept

We would like to provide genuine products with real value using transdermal penetration technology (NtDDS),
which applies medical logic .


Nano-dispersion penetration technology
We have discovered that many commercially available hair growth products emphasize on active or trending components, yet few effectively lead to fundamental improvements in scalp health.
Consequently, through a miracle at a ratio of 1/5000, we screened and selected 3018 types of polyphenols to formulate our product, leveraging transdermal penetration technology.
We have published papers detailing our product based on years of foundational research and evidence from over 800 cases, demonstrating its suitability for use from children to adults. Rather than selling based on ambiance or aesthetics, our focus remains on providing authentic products that yield tangible results.


1-4th floor, CRYSTALSQUAREGINZA, 8-15-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061